Special Lectures
The State of the Arts of Flow Measurement M. Kawata Japan
Flow Standards-Past and Present E. A. Spencer U.K.
Present Status of Flow Measurement and Control in the CMEA Countries Z. Bercsi Hungary
A. Szilvassy
Dynamic Traceability of Flow Measurements G.E. Mattingly U.S.A.
Calibration and Standards
Calibration Rig for Liquid and Gas Flowmeters Using a New Harp-Type Volumetric Flow Measurement Equipment Antal Szabó Research and Development Institute of MMG Automation Works, Hungary
National and International Orifice Coefficient Equations Compared to Laboratory Data R.W. Miller The Foxboro Company, U.S.A.
Calibration of the Pipe Provers Xie Ji-ji National Institute of Metrology, China
Method of Gas Calibration for Standard Tank Fang Zong-liang National Institute of Metrology, China
Wang Zi-he
The Accuracy Evaluation of the Calibrating Device of Liquid Flowmeters Su Yan-shiun National Institute of Metrology, China
The Theoretical Analysis of the Quadrant Compensation on the Bell-Prover Wang Zi-he National Institute of Metrology, China
A Large Capacity Calibration Rig for Electro-Magnetic Flowmeters T. Satori, T. Fujisawa Hokushin Electric Words, Ltd.
T. Sakai Mie Hokushin, Ltd., Japan
Weirs and Tide
Comprehensive Weir Discharge Formulae K.G. Ranga Raju University of Roorkee, India
G.L. Asawa
A New Accurate Stilling Well for High-Velocity Flows J.G. Drenthen Hydro-instrumentation Department
P.J.H. Builtjes Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, The Netherlands
P.E.J. Vermeulen
A New Wave and Tidal Height Pressure Sensor Probe for Use in High-Velocity Flows P.J.H. Builtjes Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research
J.G. Drenthen Hydro-instrumentation Department, The Netherlands
Positive Displacement Meters
Servo P-D Flowmeter M. Kawata, K. Komiya National Research Laboratory of Metrology
A. Takada and H. Yamamoto Oval Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan
New Flow Meter with Four Lobe Helical Rotors Iwao Ohtani Tokico Ltd., Japan
Oscillatory Fluid Flow Caused by PD Meters Takehiko Kawase Waseda University, Japan
Tadahiro Machiyama
Mass Flowmetry by a Movable Tube Flowmeter with a Positive Displacement Meter Kamekichi Shiba Toyo University
Masafumi Ueda Gunma University, Japan
Differential Pressure Methods
Evaluation of Accuracy for Flow Coefficient of Standard Nozzle Zhai Xiu-zhen National Institute of Metrology, China
Numerical Modeling of Swirling Laminar Orifice Flow R.W. Davis National Bureau of Standards, U.S.A.
E.F. Moore
A New Flowmeter for Measurement of Throughput in Vacuum Systems Mohan Lal National Physical Laboratory, India
J.K.N. Sharma
D.R. Sharma
R. Parshad
The Measurement of Laminar Pulsating Flow with a Venturi Meter Yoshisuke Yamashita Sophia University, Japan
Koji Takahashi
Pressure Fluctuations and Pulsation Error of Differential Pressure Gas Flow Meters Hiromichi Toyota University of Tokyo, Japan


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