ESKOM'S Flow Calibration Facility R.S. Bottle
A Kimpton
Calibration of the New Test Rig for large Gas Meters of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt A Aschenbrenner
Primary Mass Flow Calibration for a Recirculating Gas Flow Loop J.E. Johnson
R.E. Harris
R.J. McKee
Pulsation-Induced Errors in the Primary and Secondary Systems of Orifice Meters C.R. Sparks
R.D. Duike
R.J. McKee
Investigation of the Flow Coefficient of a 600 mm Orifice Plate J. Gorter
Effect on Pipe Suiface Finish on the Orifice Discharge Coefficient Ch. F. Sindt
J.A. Brennan
S.E. McFaddin
R.W. Wilson
Low-loss Flow Conditioner for Flow Distortion/Swirl Using Passive Vortex Generation Devices C.R. Smith
J.J. Greco
P.B. Hopper
Flowmeter Installation Effects-Single and Double Elbow Configurations G.E. Mattingly
T.T. Yeh
The Disturbance of Flow through an Orifice Plate Meter Run by the upstream Header B. Harbrink
W. Zimig
H.-U. Hassenpflug
W. Kerber
H. Zimmermann
Computer Aided Engineering System for an Electromagnetic Flowmeter M. Kaiho
The NEL Installation Tolerant Orifice Plate Package J.S. Humphreys
J.M. Hobbs
Choice of Quadrant-edged Orifice Meters for Low and Moderate Reynolds Numbers Sh. H. Ajvi
A Thermal Flowmeter Based on heat Transfer K. Komiya
F. Higuchi
Microprocessor Controlled Device for Precise Measurement in Supersonic Wind Tunnels P. Prochazka
Advanced Magnetic Flowmeters with Dual Frequency Excitation K. Kuromori
Sh. Goto
Y. Matsunaga
On the Hydrodynamical Stability of Electromagnetic Flowmeters J. van Bekkum
M.M. Warffemius
D.M. Oldenziel
Design and Performance of a New Vortex Shedding Flow Meter T. Cousins
A.J.T. Hayward
R. Scott
Explosion-proof Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Gases M. Hohenstatt
Microprocessor Based Cross-Correlation Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter S. Agrawal
D.P. Goel
S.R. Gowariker
The Integrated IMGC Grarimetric/Nolumetric Primary Facility A. Rivetti
G. Marlini
R Goria
G. Cignolo
A Capelli
F. Alasia
Theory and Performance of the Vibrating Straight Tube Massflow meter B. Birker
Experimental Analysis of flow Phenomena in a Vortex Flowmeter in Steady and Pulsatile Flow Conditions A Strzelecki
P. Hebrard
P. Gajan
Improvement of Vortex Flowmeters Through Parametric Frequency Estimation F. Blieschke
H. Meyr


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