Improving the Transfer of Flow Measurement Technology to Industry E.A. Spencer
The Characteristics of Small Volume Prover Y. Ogawa
S. Gomi
N. Watanabe
H. Utami
T. Kojima
Y. Abe
Use of Small Volume Provers to verify Coriolis Flowmeter Performance C. Apple
Optimization of Calibration Intervals of Gas Quantity Measurement Equipment P.M.A. van der Kam
R. de Wolf
E.E.R. Jager
A Comparison of ISO, COMECON and GOSZT Evaluation Methods of Prover Volumes: Based upon Measurement Results of the Verification Procedure of Prover Z. Bercsi
Investigation of the Flow Patterns through an Orifice Plate: Influence of Upstream Flow Rotation P. Gajan
P. Hebrard
A. Stzelecki
Elbow Effects on Pipe Flows and Selected Flow Meters G.E. Mattingly
T.T. Yeh
Installation Effects on Orifice Meter Performance T.B. Morrow
J.T. Park
J.G. Gegor
R.S. Norman
Modeling in the Analysis of Installation Effects on Flowmeters J. Halttunen
E.A. Luntta
Computer Simulation Approach to Flow Meter Installation Effects J. Delsing
M. Holm
J. Stang
Development of Karman Vortex Flowmeter by use of Laser Diode: Measurement of Flowrate in a Pipe with Small Cross Section S. Saito
M. Hashimoto
T Wada
Intelligent Vortex Flowmeter S. Takahashi
I. Itoh
The Switch Fluidic Oscillator for Fluid Metering B. Huang
Study on High-power Micro-actuator using Fluid Power K. Yoshida
S. Yokota
Improvements in Flow Measurement Uncertainty for a Natural Gas Transmission System D.J. Pack
T. Edward
Flow Metering with a Modified Sonic Nozzle M.T. Pereira
M. de M. Pimenta
N.M. Taira
Experimental Study on the Factors Influoncing Discharge Coefficients of Sonic Nozzle S.Y. Yoo
S.Y. Lee
K.Y. Yoon
K.A. Park
J.S Paik
Changes in Flow Through a Meter Station During Orifice Plate Change I.D. Williamson
A New Flowmeter for Measurement of Gas Flow at Very Low Rates C. Caspersen
A Real Time Signal Analysis on Flow Measurement F. Takeda
An Approach for Flow Ripple Measurement generated by Hydraulic Piston Pumps D.T. Kim
S. Yokota
A Theory of Thermal Diffusion Flowmeters J. Hemp


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