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Compact Installations for Orifice Plate Flowmeters E M Laws and A K Ouazzane University of Salford
Experimental Results of an Improved Tube-bundle Flow Conditioner for Orifice Metering J W Stuart,  Pacific Gas and Electric Co,USA
J T Park and T B Morrow,  Soutwest Research Institute,USA
The Decay of Swirl in Turbulent Pipe Flows W Steenbergen, J Voskamp and K K Prasad Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Development of Gallagher Flow Conditioner J E Gallagher, PE Shell USA
P J LaNasa CPL and Associates
R E Beaty, P E Amoco Production
Comparison of velocity Profiles Downstream of Perforated Plate Flow Conditioners E P Spearman, J A Sattary and M J Reader-Harris NEL
Effects of Tap Size and Quality on Orifice Meter Performance U Karnik,  Novacor Research & Technology Corp,Canada
Coriolis Mass Flow Measurement S Nicholson NEL
Fluid Mechanics Effects in Coriolis Mass Flowmeters G E Pawlas and T Pankratz,  Micro Motion Inc,USA
Design of an Advanced Coriolis Mass Flowmeter using the Hoop Mode H Hagenmeyer, K-H Schultz, A Wenger and M Keita, Endress & Hauser, Flowtec AG,Switzerland


Testing Novel Deomestic Gas Meters D W Etheridge and M C Gaskell British Gas
Semiconductor Laser-doppler Flowmeter D Dopheide, V Strunch and E-A Krey PTB,Germany
The Findings of the NEL Insertion Flowmeter Consortium J S Humphreys and M Boyd NEL
A L Thomas Capital Controls Ltd
Development of a Standard Vortex Shedding Flowmeter H Takamoto and Y Terao,   National Research Laboratory of Metrology,Japan
Flow Measurements in Slurry Applications with Switched d.c. Field Magmeters: Part T Budmiger, Endress & Hauser Flowtec AG,Switzerland
An Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Partially Filled Pipes P Nissen, Fischer & Porter GmbH,Germany
A New Type of Sewage Flowmeter used in Part-filled Pipe T Zhang, Y Ding, L A Xu, W Li, Y P Li Tianjin University, China
The Application of Signal Analysis Methods in Orific3e Plate Differential Pressure Flow Measurements H Zhu and E H Higham University of Sussex
J E Amada-Echendu University of Greenwich
Evaluation of a Prototype Multiphase Flowmeter T S Whitaker and B C Millington NEL
Performance Verification of MFI Watercut Meter B L Pedersen Multi-Fluid International AS, Norway
Performance of the Fluenta MPFM 1900 Multiphase Flowmeter K H Frantzen Fluenta A/S
M Marshall Amerada Hess Ltd
B C Millington NEL
O Midttveit Christian Michelsen Research A/S
Characterisation of Air/water Flows using Chaotic Dynamical System Analysis H Yeung, G Oddie and W Rawes Cranfield University


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