Legal Supervision Conducted by the State on Dynamic Measurements of Crude Oil, Light Hydrocarbon and Natural Gas Xin Yingming, Pan Guangtan, Zheng Qi
New Flow Measurement Technology for the Next Century Masaki Takamoto
A Part of Flowrate Measurement Instruments in Energy Saving and Ecology Problems Solution N. M. Kurnosov, V. V. Khasirov, E. G. Zvenigorodski


Characteristics of Orifices Having Small Ratio of Diameters Byeong-Chan Kim, Bok-Chun Park, Nam-Ho Cho, Byung-Ok Yoon, Kyung Am, Park
Metering Station with Automatic Interchangeable Orifice Plates Valmir Ruis, Marcos Tadeu Pereira
Research and Development on Wear-Resistant Orifice Plates Yanzuo Sun, Hexin Xiong, Rui Zhu, Li B
Application of Differential Pressure Flow-Meters in Natural Gas Measurement in China Wu Longxiang, Zhai Xiuzhen, Wang Dongwei, Xie Xinhai, Liu Xiangyuan
The Practice on DN 1400 MM Venturi Tubes Han Shufang, Han Yongtao, Xu Lingan
A New Method for Checking Orifice Sharpness Wei Huanxiang, Guo Wenping, Li Hong
Partially Closed Valve Effects on the V-Cone Flowmeter Stephen A. Ifft


Improvement of the Response of Turbine Meters by Modifying the Shape of the Leading Edge of Standard Blades: an Experimental and Theoretical Approach M. El Khlifi, R. Henry, J. P. Vallet, G. Bois, M. Gasselin, V. De Laharpe
Low Loss Straighteners for Gas Turbine Meters H. H. Dijstelbergen, J. T. M. Bergervoet
The Influence of Themowells on the Accuracy of Gas Metering in Low and Hihg-Pressure Pipes B. Nath, H. Dietrich, W. Löber
The Turbine Flowmeter Construction and Performance for the Double Optical Fiber Sensors Zhang Xiaozhong, Xue Shuifa, Xi Xiaochun
An Intelligent Insertion Turbine Flow Transducer Zhang Tao, Xu Lingan, Li Gang, Zhang Hongjun, Tang Huaipu
The Influence of the Recovery-effect on the Accuracy of Gas Meters under Low and High-Pressure Conditions B. Nath, H. Dietrich


Integration of Vortex Shedder and Sensors for a Vortes Flowmeter J. J. Miau, Y. P. Li, J. H. Chou, Y. C. Huang, C. C. Yang, J. H. Shaw
Development and Characterization of an Airflow Vortex-Shedding Flowmeter with PVDF Piezoelectric Film Sensors Roberto Marsili
Stabilization of the Wake Behind Bluff Bodies by External Driving Forces F. Ohle, P. Becker
A Low Reynolds Number Vortex Flowmeter Zhou Yunbo
The Improvement of Plug-in Type Vortex Street Flowmeter Lu Hongqing, Li Zhuxin, Su Yi, Yang Jianyong
Vortex Shedding Flowmeter Using Spectrum Analysis Zhang Chongwei
A Novel Vortex Shedding Flowmeter for Measuring Fluids at High Temperature Yueping Zou, Guobin Wu
Frequency Shift Behind a Bluff Body by External Perturbations in a Wake Flow (Mechanism of Deterioration of Vortex-Street Flowmeter Accuracy) Z. L. Wei
Attempt of Comprehensive Evaluation of Vortex Meter Design Grzegorz L. Pankanin


Development of Fuidic Gas Meter (Improvement of Sensitivity at Lower Flow Rate Using U-Shaped Target Sensor) Toshiaki Aoki, Kazumitsu Nukui, Shigenori Okamura, Yukio Kimura
Numerical Analysis of Fluidic Oscillation Applied to the Fluidic Gas Meter Shiniti Sato, Kazumitsu Nukui, Seiichi Ito, Yukio Kimura


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