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1.Liquid measurement
R 4 1972-1970 Volumetric flasks (one mark) in glass
R 29 1979-1973 Capacity serving measures
R 40 1981-1977 Standard graduated pipettes for verification officers
R 41 1981-1977 Standard burettes for verification officers
R 43 1981-1977 Standard graduated glass flasks for verification officers
R 45 1980-1977 Casks and barrels
R 49-1 2000 Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water. Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements
R 63 1994 Petroleum measurement tables
R 71 1985 Fixed storage tanks. General requirements
R 72 1985 Hot water meters
R 80 1989 Road and rail tankers
R 81 1998 Dynamic measuring devices and systems for cryogenic liquids (including tables of density for liquid argon, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen)
R 85 1998 Automatic level gauges for measuring the level of liquid in fixed storage tanks
R 86 1989 Drum meters for alcohol and their supplementary devices
R 95 1990 Ships' tanks - General requirements
R 96 1990 Measuring container bottles
R 105 1993 Direct mass flow measuring systems for quantities of liquids (including Annexes A and B)
R 117 1995 Measuring systems for liquids other than water
R 118 1995 Testing procedures and test report format for pattern examition of fuel dispensers for motor vehicles
R 119 1996 Pipe provers for testing of measuring systems for liquids other than water
R 120 1996 Standard capacity measures for testing measuring systems or liquids other than water
R 125 1998 Measuring systems for the mass of liquids in tanks
D 4 1981 Installation and storage conditions for cold water meters
D 7 1984 The evaluation of flow standards and facilities used for testing water meters
D 25 1996 Vortex meters used in measuring systems for fluids
D 26 1999 Glass delivery measures - Automatic pipettes
2. Gas measurement
R 6 1989 General provisions for gas volume meters
R 31 1995 Diaphragm gas meters
R 32 1989 Rotary piston gas meters and turbine gas meters
R 23 1975-1973 Tyre pressure gauges for motor vehicles
R 53 1982 Metrological characteristics of elastic sensing elements used for measurement of pressure. Determination methods
R 97 1990 Barometers
R 101 being revised Indicating and recording pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and pressure-vacuum gauges with elastic sensing elements (ordinary instruments)
R 109 being revised Pressure gauges and vacuum gauges with elastic sensing elements (standard instruments)
R 110 1994 Pressure balances

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